20+ Teen girl gift ideas

Is it hard to shop for teens?The answer is a definite yes(obviously).Well,I am an expert because I am a teen.Here are some ideas!Hope this helps!

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  1. Ihome iBT29BC. Click here to see.This is an alarm clock,speaker,radio,and dock.It turns different colors to.This is something I want to wake up to!

2. Iphone 7.Do I need to explain!Click here to see
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3.Projector .does your teen want a tv in their room?Well this is the next best thing.Click here to see.
4.Action camera.Record anywhere,underwater(if you have the underwater case),on your bike,or on a rollercoaster.Click here to see
5.hoverboard.This is a really cool vehicle.Click here to see
... Hoverboard | by soarboards
6.Fitbit Flex.Good for your athletic teen.Tracks steps,distance,calories burnt,and sleep.Click here to see.
Herbalife Fitbit flex wireless ...
7.Tile mate.Do you always lose your things.This could help.It is a tracking device that you can track from your phone.It sticks to anything and loops around key chains.Click here to see.
8.Shoes.For the sporty girl buy her nikes,adidas,or jordans.For any other girl buy them toms,vans,or converse.
9.Jewlery box.
10.Jewlery to put in the box.Ring,necklace,lokai bracelet
11.Selfie Stick
Ematic Extendable Selfie Stick with Camera Button
12. Popsocket-Helps you grip your (phone,tablet,etc) for selfies or videos.
13.portable speaker-so she can blast her music wherever she goes.
14.Cases for her (ipad,ipod,iphone,tablet)
15.Decorate her room-throw pillows,wall art,hanging chair,comforter set,paint walls,fairy lights.Or just redo her whole room.
16.mini fridge

17.gumball machine-who wouldn't want their own gumball machine.

18.mini light box-this is a cute room decoration.
Mini My Cinema Lightbox - LED with 100 letters, numbers, symbols to create personalized marquee signs - Includes USB, or battery powered.
19.ecosphere-a ecosystem growing in a glass ball.Little shrimp grow in there as well.It lasts for 2 or 3 years.

20.water infusion bottle-gives your water more taste

21.popsicle maker-need something to help you cool down?

22.popcorn maker-popcorn and a movie =perfect day

23.Locker Hanger-I am not the only person with a messy locker.(I hope XD)
24.Giftcards-Afraid you will buy something your teen won't like?This is your answer.Lush,Starbucks,bath and body works,and their favorite clothing store would be great giftcards to purchase.